Monday, November 30, 2015

Mila and Barris...

I had ordered a new upgrade cpu before the weekend and was surprised to find that it had arrived earlier today. I quickly installed it and ran a series of test renders with it. It performs great of course and I'm very happy with it. The above image was produced with Daz 3D.

This coincides with a new edition of A Lady's Prerogative that includes the short story Where Art Thou Barris? as well includes the first few chapters of A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth (which will be released in October 2016 exclusively on Amazon). The price has been reduced for the holiday season so if you're looking for a good egift, give the gift of reading!

Thanks again to Best Bear Sales on Ebay for the getting my cpu upgrade to me so quickly (and to the Postal service). Thank you to HP and IBM for reliable and good performing computers.

Brian Joseph Johns

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