Friday, January 8, 2016

A little treat for the Sanctum...

I thought I'd take some time out from my work on the upcoming rerelease of The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own for a little design work on something related to A Lady's Prerogative.

Here's a design for the symbol of a certain order from the book A Lady's Prerogative...

Needs a bit of cleaning up but that will come in time. I hope you like it. There will likely be some iconography added related to the different planes of existence and the different orders that take part in the day to day operation of the Sanctum.

By the way, I just had someone log in with my google account from another location and log me out. I wasn't sure if it was Google just requiring a regular security check or if someone actually hacked my account. I've been having problems from the same group around me who've been a problem for some time as they have for my Butterfly Dragon project.

There might be the possibility that someone has my internet connection split from the outside and are using my internet line from outside of my apartment illegally. That would explain a lot of things like analytics related to things that are not a part of my browsing habits or computer usage.

I think that the people doing this believe that if they can log into my account, that what I create comes from them (which is not the case at all). Anyway I`ve done enough griping over the last few days and I just wanted to share something new with the Sanctum and of course the fans of A Lady`s Prerogative.

I was recently reminded while going over my notes and some elements of The Butterfly Dragon that there are easter eggs related to the A Lady`s Prerogative in some places in the Butterfly Dragon. There`s definitely the possibility of a crossover at some point in the future after the sequels have been released. Possibly a future project seeing as the Sanctum has a lot in common with both Tynan And Associates and West Meet East International.

Enjoy your weekend!

Brian Joseph Johns

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