Saturday, April 16, 2016

Thoughts For Japan...

Brian Joseph Johns
I've been recoving from a bad case of the flu for about a week and I've been mostly bed ridden during that time. I just happened to be watching some movies on Netflix today as well. I started with National Treasure (a great action mystery film) and followed up with the Ken Watanabe/Elizabeth Olsen/Aaron Taylor Johnson Godzilla at around 3 O'clock not knowing about what had happened in Japan around that time on the other side of the world.

I actually found out at 9:35 PM EST what had happened and about the quake. Perhaps my choice of movie was out of an intuitive connection between myself and that part of the world. Regardless my thoughts and feelings are with Japan and the survived and the lost. During the Tsunami that hit Japan in 2011 I actually donated half of all my earning to the relief fund for three months. So Tonight and for the future my thoughts are with Japan and its people.

One of the most important symbols of my book The Butterfly Dragon originates from Eastern culture and specifically with regard to the Butterfly itself, and the Dragon.

The Butterfly in the Far East is symbolic of spirit, the life force essence or Chi that comprises our being without the need for a body. It is us and the body is merely the hardware that embodies the Butterfly's will.

The Dragon in the Far East has many different origins and takes on many archetypes, for instance in China most Dragons are considered to be harbingers of good fortune and wisdom where they are revered for such qualities. In Japan much of the folklore related to the Dragon is related to it being the harsh force, the ego and sense of self versus the Butterfly. In Korea the Dragon symbolizes a virtuous protector often associated with the turtle.

In any case the relationship between the Butterfly and the Dragon is about achieving balance through wisdom  and good deeds and having on foot in each side of the diametrically opposed paradigms of life (in China), about the conflict between the spirit (the Butterfly) and the body and ego (the Dragon) as found in Japan and through virtue and protection of the body, soul and the people in Korea beliefs and folklore.

I hope that the lost are found alive and well and that this turmoil is followed by a long time of peace without peril in Japan and the nations of the Far East of Asia.

Brian Joseph Johns

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