Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A larger image of the Aerth Mother...

Here's a larger image (1600x1200) of my rendering of The Aerth Mother from the story The Lost And The Found. The story bridges the worlds of A Lady's Prerogative with the Butterfly Dragon and could possibly lead to a book combining the two worlds and the characters within.

The Lost And The Found can be found both on Tales Of The Sanctum and The Butterfly Dragon.

You are free to use the image as you wish so long as you give credit to myself and link back to or

The image was created with Lightwave3DDaz Studio with compositing and some fx done in Adobe Photoshop.

I'm off to tend to nature and the landscape with a great crew of professional landscapers for a good company. Feels good to use the body and to work with nature and good people. Don't forget to use your body too. Its the most wonderful thing that we have. If you know someone that has trouble using theirs, then help them out. Take them for a walk.

I'll be posting a new chapter for each side of the story tonight or tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Brian Joseph Johns


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