Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Lost And The Found - Family picture...

From left to right: Alicia Westin (Night Style), Nelony Ardbloem, Jasmer McCavanaugh, Yirfir Lacharme, Barris Windsor, Mila Rendebelle, Heylyn Yates (Ai Yuanlin Ying aka The Butterfly Dragon), Mishima Sato, Shaela Sheowellyn and Monique Defleur.  Click for a larger image.

I'll be designing Athandra, Xenshi and Xushu next followed by Thara, Jexelen and Lannay. Athandra, Xenshi and Xushu will show up in the next family picture.

Thanks to a lot of abuse from a nasty and abusive neighborhood cult in Regent Park, I am not going to publish any new chapters for The Lost And The Found for a while. I don't want to punish my readers and many of them know the situation already. A gang of crooks in my community conduct illegal surveillance on my computer for the purposes of theft of what I create with many of the same crooks stalking me in the community. I don't use my computer for any illegal purposes at all, so there's no justification for doing so.

So to hold my supportive readers over until I post new chapters, here's a pic with a few new never before seen characters and with an updated Mila, Shaela and Barris.

Thanks to my readers,

Brian Joseph Johns


  1. Thanks dear for this post. I am providing servicies of enemy protection.

    1. Thank you. It is very much appreciated and also very encouraging. Maybe there really is a Sanctum out there looking out for us all or helping us to look after ourselves. :-)


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