Thursday, December 29, 2016

In Honor Of James Wilkie...

In 2007 I lost a personal friend of mine. One of those unique souls who comes along only every once in a few hundred years to this place we call Earth (Aerth?)

He was an inspiration for much of what you see here in this blog and someone I'd been good friends with up until his departure.

Through most of my hardships he was always a source of encouragement and positive inspiration. I actually used to carry a personal note from him around in my wallet until one day in 2010 it was stolen from me (along with memorabilia which had been gifted to me from his family). I was at the hospital twice before his death, once a month prior and again two days before he was gone.

If ever there had been a real life Sanctum, James Wilkie would likely have been one of it's leaders or at least one of its founders. As a real life psychic medium and healer he'd given counseling and advice to a wide array of people over his life from a wide range of different fields. He was one of those people who seemed to bridge the gap between science and mysticism, culture and even sometimes West and East. He was one of the few people who at the time had supported my relationship with an older Chinese lady and had always encouraged me to stand by my heart rather than my head. He'd often say that you didn't need to sacrifice one to save the other. There's always a way you can have both. Always very encouraging and with a unique way of seeing the world.

When I'd known him I had no idea of who he was to the world. He was just my friend James which was the world to me and many others. It wasn't until much later after his passing that I'd realized what a profound effect he'd had upon many lives.

That's coming from a guy who eats, breaths and sleeps science, quantum physics and mathematics (just read The Butterfly Dragon and you'll know). James was one of the most interesting people I've ever known and had a way with words that few have.

Recently I decided to look up his name and I found a site dedicated to him online. In his memory here, I'd like to add him to the list of honorary members of the Sanctum and dedicate this blog and the stories as part of what he'd inspired in myself and likely others.

Do you want to know who James is? Take a look here for everything you need to know about James Wilkie. My friend and member of the Sanctum. From here on in you will always find a link to his domain from the Sanctum menu on the right hand side of this page under the Veterans Of The Yearning And Learning section.

Here's a quote he made about himself from one of his books:

"I was born psychic without protection or knowledge of its true meaning. It has never been a path of roses. Mostly a struggle to find harmony, for man has accused without reason, and slaughtered unmercifully without cause. 

Yet I wouldn't change the pattern of my life if I could. I have been called Witch and Devil many times. The same accusators have later been glad of my help, and thank God I have led them to his Kingdom into the consciousness of Christ and to a way of life best suited to their Spiritual need."

James Wilkie
The Gift Within
Experiences of a Spiritual Medium

Though our paths have been dissimilar in many ways, as you'd have said: they'd been similar in some ways and that's what we should concentrate on. Rest well my friend but not so much that you can't enjoy a good dance or two!

The world could use someone like you right now.

Brian Joseph Johns

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